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Z100’s Maxwell

To coincide with NXTSTYLE’s ‘The NEXT 100: 2020 New Music Guide’ I decided to interview several industry pros and tastemakers to find out what music they’re listening to and to get a feel for where they think music is headed in the new year. I was able to book Z100’s evenings on-air DJ, Maxwell. Beyond writing up questions I edited this video feature using Adobe Premiere Pro. Maxwell gave NXTSTYLE a shout out on-air and the video was featured on Z100’s website! View the full feature here!

‘NEXT In Music’ Playlist Visualizers

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Once new songs are added to the ‘NEXT In Music’ playlist I create promo for Twitter and Instagram. The audio visualizers above are the main pieces of promo content I create for the playlist. Both audio visualizers are made using Adobe After Effects. The square is used for Instagram and Twitter posts and the rectangle is used for Instagram Stories.

NXTSTYLE’s ‘2020 Songs of the Summer’ Artist Top 5 Visualizer

Drawing inspiration from the ‘NEXT In Music’ audio visualizers, I created special visualizers for the ‘2020 Songs of the Summer’ feature. Part of the artists interviews for this feature was a question asking each artist who their Top 5 artists were. I created this visualizer taking from their answers and then not only tagging the artist on social media but their Top 5 artists as well to expand the reach of the post. This visualizer was created using Adobe After Effects

NXTSTYLE’s ‘2020 Songs of the Summer’ Interview Visualizer

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For both The NEXT 100 and Songs of the Summer features I created “quote visualizers” as a teaser to tempt social media followers into reading the full interviews of each artist. I would tag not only the artist but the people and brands they mention to expand the reach of the post. This visualizer was created using Adobe After Effects.

‘The NEXT 100: 2020 New Music Guide’ Promos


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I decided to go all out in creating content for The NEXT 100 feature. I was able to gather several on-camera hosts and cameraman/video editor (all who I’ve previously worked with) to film a series of short promos. These promos would segue to on-camera interviews that several featured artists filmed at home. I co-produced and provided second angle shots with my cameraman filming the majority as well as editing the full feature. I decided for marketing purposes to create an IGTV panel graphic so each of the 100 artists would be represented on every promo feature. You’ll see this approach on other NXTSTYLE IGTV features as well. Melony was lead host for this feature and did a great job navigating the situation in what was a busy and rainy Times Square in the middle of the holiday season. You can find Melony now as Head of Pop for Pandora!

‘The NEXT 100: 2020 New Music Guide’ Artist Announcements

The artist announcements were a last minute addition to The NEXT 100 promo package. Though I’m not a huge fan of the design and had very little time to perfect it, these Instagram Story artist announcements were very well received and came as a surprise to artists as they and their fans reacted excitingly and reposted these Instagram Stories. When contacting artists for interviews, none were aware it would be part of a large scale feature which created a surprise effect once announcements were made. I created this feature using Adobe After Effects.

NXTSTYLE’s ‘2020 Songs of the Summer’: Made for TV

This was a fun video feature and the type of purposeful approach I like to take with NXTSTYLE. I love nothing more than to make a real difference with my features which is why some of my questions are designed to gain the attention of high profiled people. The ‘Made for TV’ feature promoted a question from the Songs of the Summer feature where I asked several artists “What would be your dream sync placement?.” Many of the artists mentioned TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Euphoria so I thought it would be great to put together a video feature related to this question and tag the creator of the show as well as the music supervisor. This video was part of a series of videos filmed on an iPhone by the host Sophia Gall due to limitations from the pandemic. She did a great job hosting and getting this filmed while I took charge of editing. The whole Songs of the Summer feature was me sparking up ideas to make the most of my time during the pandemic.

Ageless Tan’s ‘Toys for Tans’ Holiday Promo<4>

For the 2021 holiday season I assisted Ageless Tan’s with their toy drive. The project was a simple and quick edit using the client’s footage. I merged clips, included an overlay of b-roll and provide audio tracking and graphics for the intro and outro. The client created the outside square graphic for Instagram posting purposes.

PhotoPlus 2019: Lumix

PhotoPlus 2019 was one of several visits to the Javitz Center in 2019. It was great talking to Lumix as they gave us a full demo of their latest products. I co-produced and provided second angle shots with my cameraman filming the majority as well as editing the full feature. Great job by Christy! This was our first time filming content together with very little prep time. You can find her now as a local news reporter in Virginia!

International Beauty Show: FarmHouse Fresh & FOREO

In addition to music features, I really like featuring startups and new products. FarmHouse Fresh and FOREO were several impressive vendors we got to meet. I co-produced and provided second angle shots with my cameraman Andy doing a great job as main camera operator as well as editing and co-producing the feature. You can now find Andy working the CW33 morning show in Texas! Sophia who runs her own beauty blog did a great job hosting and using her knowledge of the industry to add an authentic touch to each interview.

Long Island Music Hall of Fame Induction 2018

The Long Island Music Hall of Fame Induction ceremony was a fun, fast-paced event. This was a red carpet event featuring attendees like Taking Back Sunday and Billy Joel. I co-produced this feature with host Natasha Lubczenko and took main responsibility of filming and editing the feature.

New York Coffee Festival 2018: MATCHAFUL and Keto Works

The New York Coffee Festival was another fun feature where we got to not only feature a lot of fun brands but taste test as well. I produced this featured and took main responsibility of filming and editing. Much credit to Natasha Lubczenko on all of her features. She’s a heck of a pro and always prepared. You can now see her on WTNH in Connecticut!

Madison Square Garden’s ‘Garden of Dreams Talent Show’

This Garden of Dreams feature was one of the first video features I ever did and one of the best opportunities I’ve had as a blogger. As seen above we got to meet legendary figures like members of The Beastie Boys and Run DMC, Whoopi Goldberg and many more. This was one of several charity events we were invited to by Madison Square Garden. I co-produced, filmed, and edited this feature with Adam doing a stellar job as host and co-producer. You can find Adam hosting various game shows and producing local news in Nashville!

New York Fashion Week Coverage

Being in New York provides a lot of opportunity to network and collaborate. Once I met Jonathan Valdez I quickly recognized his talent in communicating and his passion for fashion. He’s a natural when it comes to fashion so I thought filming fashion week segments would be a great opportunity to use each others talents to create great content for our brands. He graciously invited me to be part of his official New York Fashion Week press membership. I filmed, edited, and co-produced several years worth of segments with Jonathan. You can find Jonathan contributing to US Weekly and running!

As always much credit goes to the hosts and production people who come on board the team. Collaborating on content has been a great way for all of us to combine each others talents to help build our demo reels and brand. I am grateful for the the opportunity to work with each of them and happy they have found great full-time opportunities! You can view the majority of NXTSTYLE creative content on Instagram!